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Superior and personalized college admissions consulting services. Improve your admission chances to the Undergrad and MBA programs..

I am the sole professional of my business because that helps me concentrate on each of my clients, one at a time. It also helps me to best understand your unique admission consulting needs.

I will guide you to achieve the score you need to be competitive for admission in the schools in Texas and beyond. In addition, I will help you put your best foot forward by ensuring that your college application stands out from the rest of the application pool when shown to the admissions officers of an undergraduate or MBA program.

As an experienced business partner, recruiter, and a marketing savvy person with DFW Realties, I will show you how to turn your weaknesses into strengths in your application. I like consulting with clients regarding their applications and how they should market themselves to the universities where they apply. My standard is high and that will help you to reach your goal of being admitted to a Texas undergraduate or an MBA program.

As your admissions consultant, I will guide you with selecting schools you may be interested in applying to, developing your strategy, preparing your essays, coaching you for your interviews (if MBA), scheduling your school visits, selecting your references & prepping what makes a recommendation letter to be good, preparing your resume and participating in volunteer activities.


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Desi Admissions Consulting | Telugu

I am a Telugu from a small town in India. When I was young, I wanted to study in the United States of America. That was my main goal. I went to one of the most prestigious and academically competitive schools for my undergraduate studies: The University of Texas at Austin. I know how to compete in the admissions process. This experience will help me turn your application into one that greatly increases your chances of acceptance.

In addition to completing my degree in Economics with Honors in my undergraduate program, I gained admission to Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business in Dallas in their full time MBA program with a full scholarship. This means that I have personal experience resulting from my own journey in the admissions process. I know how to make an application stand out from the rest of the pack. I will help you increase your chances of gaining admission into the colleges and universities in Texas whether they are undergraduate or MBA programs.

I want to serve the Desi Diaspora with my services and help Indian or Indian-American Desi children to gain admissions into undergraduate programs or an MBA program in Texas and other US Universities. If you are Indian or an Indian-American, please contact me for your or your child’s educational needs. If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area, I will be happy to schedule a face to face consultation with you.

Admission Consultation in Telugu, Hindi & English

I am a native Telugu speaker. I also know Hindi (Rashtra Basha) and English. This gives me the opportunity to provide consultations to you in one of these three languages. With my ability to speak in Telugu, Hindi, and English, I will communicate with you regarding your USA Undergrad or MBA admissions process and answer your questions in the language you are most comfortable with.

Being from India, I respect diverse cultures. If you are from any state in North India, I can help you by speaking in Hindi and answering your questions in Hindi. If you are from the city of Hyderabad or from Telugu speaking states, including Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, I will explain in Telugu how to market yourself to the admissions department. I will make you feel at ease and help you with your undergraduate or MBA program admission.

If you are from India or an Indian-American from the USA, please contact me. No question is too mundane. I am eager to help Desi people to study in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, or other cities and towns in the United States of America.

US Immigration | Visa Attorney Referral – DFW, TX, USA

If you are a citizen of India and in need of a lawyer regarding your US Student Visa application, which you need to submit to the US Embassy or Consulates in India, please let me know. I will refer you to an attorney who will offer the best DFW Metroplex visa services.

My attorney was a former prosecutor and has years of experience prosecuting and deporting people from the United States of America to their native country. She is now in private practice helping clients with their visa and immigration applications as she knows the ins and outs of the visa and immigration process. She will put her knowledge and experience to your advantage by preparing your visa application and ensuring that there are no commonly made mistakes. She will also provide you with legal advice regarding how to apply for a visa if you have any prior issues that render you to be at a disadvantage.

My attorney provided exemplary immigration services to me. The attorney will handle your visa application from beginning to end thereby giving you peace of mind. Working with an attorney will help you submit a visa application that avoids common mistakes and will increase your chances of getting a visa.

Overview | Steps to Gaining Admission | Undergraduate & MBA Consulting

There are three important steps that you need to take to have an effective application, in order to gain admission into competitive schools in Texas. If you ever attended a marketing seminar or class, you will know that the steps to effective product marketing are to have a strategy, a brand identity, and effective communication of your brand identity or messaging. The product here is you and the consumer is the undergrad or MBA program admissions committee.

You need to market yourself to the admissions department. Marketing yourself can be done effectively if you have clarity and a complete understanding of your goal and how to achieve it. This is how successful applicants gain admission even if a part of their application is not strong enough.

Does that mean you will definitely be accepted even if you have a weak profile in one part of the application, with other parts being highly competitive just with effective marketing? The answer is that there are no set rules that will help to get you an answer. Will it cause the admissions committee to reject you outright? No, it will not. They will see your application holistically and make a determination. They will assess if you will be a “good fit” in their program. There are no set of rules that determine how you will be a good fit. However, you will know that if you do not even try to market yourself effectively, you will have no chance of admissions into these competitive schools. I will help you market yourself effectively keeping in mind what these Texas colleges generally look at in their applicant pool.

I will help you with all the below steps to increase your chances of acceptance.

1.Strategy: To succeed in any endeavor in life, you need a strategy. It is no different regarding your application process.

a. Analyze Your Profile:

  • Percentile of your scores.
  • SAT or ACT or GMAT score.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Activities in high school or undergraduate program.
  • Activities during summers.
  • Work experience.
  • Extra-curricular activities.
  • Family background – 1st generation to go to college, financial hardships etc.
  • International experiences
  • Demographics
  • Strength of recommendations
  • Resume

b. Study Your Market: This step is to help you understand the schools you are interested in. There will be schools that are within your reach; there will be other schools where you will be easily accepted.

c. Which Schools to Apply: After you study your market (schools), you must decide to which schools you want to apply. This depends on your competitiveness and how much risk you are willing to take. There will be applicants who only want to apply to highly competitive schools. Another group of applicants will spread their risk by applying to highly competitive schools, middle of the road schools, and less competitive schools. Those who are risk averse will apply to one highly competitive school, some middle of the road schools, and more less competitive schools. You need to make that decision where you want to apply based on how competitive your student profile is and how much risk you are willing to take.

d. Your Consumer – The Admissions Department:

  • Study your consumer: The admissions department of a college will give you clues as to what they like.
  • Know what they value in your application: The admissions department generally uses keywords that they want to be identified with. You need to know these terms to prepare your strategy.

2. Brand: You know how competitive your profile is. Now is the time to think of branding yourself with your profile in mind. You need to know what the admissions officers are looking for in their applicants and then you need to take steps to understand your strengths and weaknesses to effectively brand yourself with respect to the schools you are applying to. This is another step where I come in. I will send you questionnaires that will help you with self-awareness and how to develop your brand to the admissions department. There are many steps you need to go through to understand how to brand yourself with respect to the schools you are applying to.

3. Messaging: Now that you have finished the above steps, it is time to effectively deliver the message of your brand to the admissions department. This is where your essays become important. You must effectively communicate what you stand for as a brand to the admissions committee. This step involves sharing concrete stories and examples in your life to the admissions department. I will help you to communicate your brand with effective essays. This will increase your chances of acceptance.

I will provide guidance and coach you in all the steps for an effective application, which will increase your chances of acceptance. The admissions department generally likes an applicant who is goal oriented and a team player. I will work with you to highlight your strengths and help you with your application every step of the way so that you will be better prepared to face the admissions process.

If you are interested in studying in America, please schedule a consultation and make the appropriate payment. I schedule applicants who have paid me in advance because this helps me to understand that you are serious about getting into an undergraduate or an MBA program in United States of America. So, do not wait. Schedule your consultation now!