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MBA Admissions Consultant in Dallas providing consulting services to business school applicants.

You decided to pursue an MBA. Now starts the daunting task of selecting MBA programs and applying to them. This is a time-consuming process. As your MBA admissions consultant, I will provide MBA admissions consulting services to guide you to be a competitive applicant to the programs at various universities. I am the sole professional of my business. This helps me concentrate on you and your MBA  admissions goals.  Also, this ensures that you won’t be passed along to someone else as as is often done in other companies.

Working with me will ensure that you put your best foot forward. I will guide you with all aspects of the MBA program applications. This will make your applications well rounded. I will show you how to turn your weaknesses into strengths as stated on your application. I like consulting with clients regarding their applications and how they should market themselves to the universities where they apply. My standard is high regarding the MBA admissions consulting services I provide. And, I will help you to reach your goal of being admitted to a competitive MBA program.



MBA Admissions Consulting Services by MBA Admissions Consultant in Dallas - Praveen Chaparala

Overview | Steps to Gaining Admission | MBA Admissions Consulting Services

There are three important steps that you need to take to have an effective application, when attempting to gain admission into competitive MBA programs. If you ever attended a marketing seminar or class, you will know that the steps to effective product marketing are to have a strategy, a brand identity, and effective communication of your brand identity or messaging. I will provide MBA admissions consulting services that will achieve these.

You need to present yourself to the MBA AdCom. Marketing yourself can be done effective if you have clarity and a complete understanding of your goals and how to achieve it. This is how successful applicants gain admission to a competitive MBA program even if a part of their application is not strong.

Does that mean you will definitely be accepted even if you have a weak profile in one part of the application, with other parts being highly competitive just with effective marketing? The answer is that there are no set rules that will help get you an answer. Will it cause the admissions committee to reject you outright? No, it will not. They will see your application holistically and make a determination. They will assess if you will be a “good fit” in their MBA program. There are no set of rules that determines how you will be a good fit. However, you must know that if you do not even try to market yourself effectively, you will have a zero chance of admission into competitive MBA programs. My MBA admissions consulting services will help you market yourself effectively keeping in mind what MBA programs generally look for in their applicant pool.

I will help you with all the steps outlined below to increase your chances of acceptance into an MBA program.

1.Strategy: To succeed in any endeavor in life, you need a strategy. It is no different regarding your MBA admissions process.

a. Analyze Your Profile:

  • Percentile of your scores.
  • GMAT score.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Work experience.
  • Volunteer work activities.
  • Family background – 1st generation to go to college, financial hardships etc.
  • International experiences
  • Demographics
  • Strength of recommendations
  • Resume

b. Study MBA Programs: This step is to help you understand the MBA programs you are interested. There will be schools that are within your reach; there will be other schools into which you will be easily accepted.

c. Which Schools to Apply: After you study various MBA programs, you must decide to which programs you want to apply. This depends on your competitiveness and how much risk you are willing to take. There will be applicants who only want to apply to highly competitive MBA programs. Others will apply to various MBA programs  that are highly competitive, less competitive and the least competitive. Those who are risk averse will apply to the least competitive MBA programs. You need to make that decision where you want to apply based on how competitive your student profile is and how much risk you are willing to take.

d. Admissions Committee:

  • Study your MBA program: The admissions committee of an MBA program will give you clues as to what they are looking for.
  • Know what they value in your application: The admissions department generally uses keywords that they want to be identified with. You need to know these terms to prepare your strategy.

2. Brand: You know how competitive your profile is. Now is the time to think of branding yourself with your profile in mind. You need to know what the admissions officers are looking for in their applicants and then you need to take steps to understand your strengths and weaknesses to effectively brand yourself with respect to the MBA programs you are applying to. This is another step where I become involved. I will send you questionnaires that will help you with self-awareness and how to develop your brand for the MBA admissions committee. There are many steps you need to go through to understand how to brand yourself with respect to the MBA programs you are applying to.

3. Messaging to College: Now that you have finished the above steps, it is time to effectively deliver the message of your brand to the admissions department. This is where your essays become important. You must effectively communicate what you stand for as a brand to the admissions committee. This step involves sharing concrete stories and examples in your life to the admissions department. I will help you to communicate your brand with effective essays. This will increase your chances of acceptance.

I will provide guidance and coach you in all the steps for an effective application, which will increase your chances of acceptance. The admissions department generally likes an applicant who is goal oriented and a team player. I will work with you to highlight your strengths and help you with your application every step of the way so that you will be better prepared to face the admissions process.

If you are interested in studying at competitive MBA programs, please schedule a consultation for my MBA admissions consulting services. Do not wait. Schedule your consultation now!